1. The Pros And Cons Of Negative Gearing

    Property investment can be a positive way to build wealth and protect the financial security of your future. Whilst there are many investment strategies to explore, ‘gearing’ or borrowing funds to finance a property investment, is a strategy that many investors pursue.

    Negative gearing, when your investment property outgoings are higher than your incoming revenue on the property, is currently a highly topical aspect of the Australian property market. Whilst it can be a lucrative approach to investment, there are potential shortcomings that need to be taken into account prior to deciding to

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  2. From The September Desk Of Suzie And Julie: Keeping It Personal

    Where is technology taking us? Good or bad?

    I have always thought real estate is about people, not bricks and mortar. After all, where we all live is what anchors our place in the world.

    Today we have all the advantages that technology brings us but we pay a big price for these benefits in the loss of direct personal contact. As all the incredible technology available to us becomes more pervasive, the human contact we have becomes even more important because it is the human side of our joint lives that helps us connect to each other.

    We are really lucky to have the connection that we do with o

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  3. Will the European Trend of Renting Forever Happen in Sydney?

    The long-ago dream of home-ownership is evolving and, for many, the prospect of saving enough money to get a foot in the property door is becoming more out of reach as property prices continue to soar – especially in the sought-after Sydney market.

    The so-called Generation Rent is dealing with a new reality – and the concept of renting into retirement years and beyond is a new experience that no other Australian generation has had to explore. Although the older generation of Australians has a strong foundation in home-ownership, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show th

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