1. Vetting Your Tenants: The Essential Guide For Property Managers When Taking On New Tenants

    A good property management office starts with the rule of vetting tenants properly. The aim of the leasing staff is not just to find a good tenant – it is to find a good tenant for the right property.

    Turning down the wrong applicant is the most important thing that you can do for both the tenant and the landlord. If the application process is thorough, in most instances you are able to confidently advise a landlord that you believe the tenant will be good. If you cannot confidently present the tenant to the landlord, then there is a good chance that you are selling the tenant not only to th

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  2. From The December Desk Of Suzie And Julie: Reflections From A Brilliant Year

    Reflections From A Brilliant Year

    I have a heavily inbuilt level of resistance to change and as the year draws to a close it’s interesting to reflect on where all of this year’s change has brought us.

    Property prices have increased beyond where anyone would have believed possible and I believe there will be significant upward pressure on rents in 2018. Locally, Double Bay is experiencing an unprecedented level of change as it embarks on redevelopment of its retail core and a big increase in the number of residences in the main shopping precinct.

    I hear a lot of concern that somehow the ess

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  3. How To Compile A Great Tenancy Application

    With the new year on the horizon, you may be reconsidering your home for 2018. Whether you are seeking a change of scenery or looking to upgrade to a more upmarket property, it is essential to understand how best to stand out in Sydney’s competitive rental market.

    As experts in premium property management in the Eastern Suburbs for over 25 years, we appreciate the challenges tenants face when compiling tenancy applications. Although it can appear a complex and cumbersome endeavour, the key to securing your next property comes from delivering a professional and personable application.


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  4. How And When To Increase The Rent Without Conflict

    Increasing rent can be a pain-point for landlords and requires thoughtful consideration of the current market, your relationship with your tenants and the long-term repercussions of the action. These are some of our thoughts on rent increases and how to approach them.

    Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

    Before making any adjustments to rent, landlords must understand their obligations by law.

    In New South Wales, under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Residential Tenancies Act Regulation 2010, a landlord can only increase rent if written notice of 60 days is given and in the event tha

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  5. The Pros And Cons Of Negative Gearing

    Property investment can be a positive way to build wealth and protect the financial security of your future. Whilst there are many investment strategies to explore, ‘gearing’ or borrowing funds to finance a property investment, is a strategy that many investors pursue.

    Negative gearing, when your investment property outgoings are higher than your incoming revenue on the property, is currently a highly topical aspect of the Australian property market. Whilst it can be a lucrative approach to investment, there are potential shortcomings that need to be taken into account prior to deciding to

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  6. From The September Desk Of Suzie And Julie: Keeping It Personal

    Where is technology taking us? Good or bad?

    I have always thought real estate is about people, not bricks and mortar. After all, where we all live is what anchors our place in the world.

    Today we have all the advantages that technology brings us but we pay a big price for these benefits in the loss of direct personal contact. As all the incredible technology available to us becomes more pervasive, the human contact we have becomes even more important because it is the human side of our joint lives that helps us connect to each other.

    We are really lucky to have the connection that we do with o

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  7. Will the European Trend of Renting Forever Happen in Sydney?

    The long-ago dream of home-ownership is evolving and, for many, the prospect of saving enough money to get a foot in the property door is becoming more out of reach as property prices continue to soar – especially in the sought-after Sydney market.

    The so-called Generation Rent is dealing with a new reality – and the concept of renting into retirement years and beyond is a new experience that no other Australian generation has had to explore. Although the older generation of Australians has a strong foundation in home-ownership, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show th

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  8. Helping Your Children step onto the Property Ladder

    The 2017 Census reports that fewer young people are entering the property market because the increasing cost of living is growing at a faster rate than salaries which are remaining stagnant.

    Helping your children with their first property could be what they need to kick start their property portfolio and secure their future with property assets. Below are a few ways that you can help.

    Help with the cost of living

    If your children are saving to buy a property then allowing them to live at home rent free can help take the financial pressure off whilst they save. Saving a deposit for a property i

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  9. Decorator Provides her Thoughts on the Best Finished for a Rental

    Considering refreshing or renovating your investment property? The way you present your property to the rental market can have a significant impact on securing a great tenant and rental return.

    According to Justine Wilson, Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors the key is to be conscious of making decisions based on personal taste if you do not plan to live in the property.

    Here are her top tips for decorating your investment property:

    1. Stick to neutral tones

    Select neutral colours that will appeal to a broader audience and be less likely to date.

    “A fresh coat of paint will brighten a room

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  10. Should I Rent My Property to Pet Owners?

    It’s a hot topic, should rental properties be pet friendly? The RSPCA is reporting Australia as holding the highest rate of pet ownership in the world, sitting at 63%, so it is becoming an option that more landlords are beginning to consider, particularly as more strata buildings are becoming “pet friendly”.

    Should I?

    Allowing pets in your investment property is not something to take lightly, however, it is not something that should be completely taken off the table. There are some benefits to making your investment property pet friendly.

    • Pet friendly rentals tend to be filled faster th
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