1. How And When To Increase The Rent Without Conflict

    Increasing rent can be a pain-point for landlords and requires thoughtful consideration of the current market, your relationship with your tenants and the long-term repercussions of the action. These are some of our thoughts on rent increases and how to approach them.

    Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

    Before making any adjustments to rent, landlords must understand their obligations by law.

    In New South Wales, under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Residential Tenancies Act Regulation 2010, a landlord can only increase rent if written notice of 60 days is given and in the event tha

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  2. Will the European Trend of Renting Forever Happen in Sydney?

    The long-ago dream of home-ownership is evolving and, for many, the prospect of saving enough money to get a foot in the property door is becoming more out of reach as property prices continue to soar – especially in the sought-after Sydney market.

    The so-called Generation Rent is dealing with a new reality – and the concept of renting into retirement years and beyond is a new experience that no other Australian generation has had to explore. Although the older generation of Australians has a strong foundation in home-ownership, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show th

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  3. Decorator Provides her Thoughts on the Best Finished for a Rental

    Considering refreshing or renovating your investment property? The way you present your property to the rental market can have a significant impact on securing a great tenant and rental return.

    According to Justine Wilson, Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors the key is to be conscious of making decisions based on personal taste if you do not plan to live in the property.

    Here are her top tips for decorating your investment property:

    1. Stick to neutral tones

    Select neutral colours that will appeal to a broader audience and be less likely to date.

    “A fresh coat of paint will brighten a room

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