Tenant Information

How can I view a property

In order to apply for a property to rent from our office, it is policy that you inspect the premises. You can contact one of our Leasing Agents to arrange a private inspection or attend a public open for inspection that may be scheduled.

Once the property has been inspected and you wish to proceed with applying for the property you will be required to complete our application form which can be found under the tenant section of our website.


How can I apply for a property

The following list of documentation, required as part of your application is provided. You can submit your application in person to our office, by fax or scanned and emailed to our office. Without this documentation we are unable to process your application.

A fully completed Laing and Simmons Application form. Please ensure you complete every section. In the event that you are not sure how to answer any questions please contact our office and we will do everything possible to assist you. Blank spaces will only cause delays and may result in another applicant being given priority.


  •  Fully completed and signed TRA (Trading Reference Australia) form
  •  Photo identification. e.g. Driver’s licence or passport

Tenancy History

  • A print out of your current tenancy ledger and/or written reference (available from your real estate agent)
  • If you own your current residence – a copy of a council or water rate notice for the property

Employment History

  • A Payslip or letter from HR department providing proof of income
  • If self-employed you need to provide an Accountant’s reference providing proof of income and a Business Website which includes your details


The following items can also support your application if they are available.

  • Reference(s) from previous Landlord or real estate agent;
  • Written personal references;


What happens after approval

You will need to pay a holding fee of one week’s rent to secure the property once the owner has approved your application. Until the holding fee is paid, the property will remain on the market and may be offered to another applicant. The holding fee may be paid either by credit card, bank cheque or deposit to our trust account. We are unable to accept cash or personal cheques. We are not legally permitted to accept more than one week’s rent as a deposit so please ensure that your holding deposit is the equivalent of one week’s rent only.

You will need to sign the agreement within 2 days of the property becoming vacant or the application being lodged. At the time that the lease is signed you will be required to pay the bond and your initial rent payment.


Rental Bond

As per Government Regulations, your Rental Bond will be lodged with the Department of Fair Trading.  The bond is held as security against any damage or excess wear and tear.   At the end of your tenancy a property inspection will be done and provided the property is left in a similar condition as when you moved in, this bond is refunded in full.  If there is any damage to the property, it will be assessed, quotes obtained and you will be contacted immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: The bond is refunded by the Department of Fair Trading and not Laing + Simmons Double Bay.


Residential Premises Condition Report

This condition report is extremely important and records the condition of the premises when the tenancy begins.  It is to your benefit to list all problems and return a signed copy to our office within seven (7) days, as this forms a protection for your bond.  One copy is provided for you to keep for your records.


How can I pay my rent

Please refer to your Rental Tenancy Agreement as rent is payable in advance.  If there is ever a problem with paying on or before the due date, you should immediately contact your Property Manager to make arrangements for payment. It is probably a good idea to set up your periodic payments a few days prior to the date the rent is due so we receive it time. How to pay your rent:

  • Direct Debit (Preferred method)
  • Authority for Laing & Simmons Double Bay to debit your nominated account on the date that rent is due. Rental Rewards direct deposit by Credit card or bank account and earn MYER one OR Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. Form needs to be completed and returned to our office. Tenant I.D. must be quoted at bottom of form. Your tenant I.D. can be found on the front page of your lease. (Please note there is a 3 day delay between the processing of a credit card payment and it being received by our office and for this reason these payments should be programmed 3 days early.)
  • Direct Deposit into our account
  • Cheque – made payable to: Laing + Simmons Double Bay Property Management


Who is my point of contact

Once you have moved into the property your point of contact will be your Property Manager, upon moving in you would have been advised of who it is. Please note that you no longer deal with your Leasing Agent and your Property Manager will be readily available to assist you during your tenancy.


How can I connect my utilities

You will need to connect your property utilities at the commencement of your lease. Laing and Simmons provides a service which is available to you by a company called Laing and Simmons Direct Connect. There is no charge for this service which is provided to eliminate the need to ring all the various suppliers separately. Laing and Simmons Direct Connect organises all the various connections without any need for your involvement. Feel free to use this service if it will assist you. It does make the connection process a lot easier. The form required can be found under the tenant section of our website of you are welcome to contact our office to assist you.  Alternatively you can connect the utilities by your own means.


Are Telephone/ Foxtel/ Internet Lines provided

Unless specified as part of tenant’s lease, these services are not part of the tenant’s lease.  The Property Manager must be contacted for permission from owner BEFORE putting in extra lines for Internet and Foxtel connections.

The supply of a telephone service is a contract between the user and the supplier. Connection/disconnection of Telephone lines is the tenant’s responsibility.

The tenant will not take the presence of any telephone or Foxtel or other cable to indicate the availability of these services. The tenant must make their own investigations in regard to the availability or otherwise of these services and will make no claim on the landlord for their provision.


What is the process of misplaced keys

Duplicate keys are held for most properties for emergency access (although this is not guaranteed).  If keys are mislaid, keys can be borrowed from Laing + Simmons Double Bay during office hours and must be returned within 24 hours. If you have lost/misplaced or have had your keys stolen it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace the keys that were supplied to you upon commencement of the lease.


Inspections during your tenancy

Approximately three months after you move into the premises, you will be contacted to arrange a time for a property inspection to be carried out by a Property Manager.  Provided everything is in order, further inspections will be carried out on a six monthly basis.

Open for Inspections during your vacate of the tenancy

As per the Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required by law to provide access for open for inspections fourteen (14) days to your vacate date. We do understand that you will be in the process of moving homes and the property may not be presented neat and tidy due to packing boxes etc.


Changing Your Address

Be sure to update your address where necessary. This might include; Department of Transport, banks, superannuation funds, schools, work and so forth.

Please also ensure you advise us of your new home phone number and PO Box if applicable.


How are repairs / maintenance handled

Routine repairs and/or maintenance are to be submitted in writing via EMAIL bhalliday@lsdbpm.com.au or hayley@lsdbpm.com.au

 All repairs are attended to as quickly as possible; however, it is often mandatory that we confirm quotes and/or get Landlord’s approval before any work can commence.

Tradespeople will most often be given your contact numbers for you to arrange a time with the tradesman, if the service call needs to be cancelled by yourself, adequate notice must be given or a service charge will automatically be passed on to you for payment.


What are emergency repairs

Outside office hours you can call your own tradesperson.  This includes things like MAJOR plumbing or MAJOR electrical problems etc.

Examples of Emergency repairs:

  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • a fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure

All other repairs are considered to be routine repairs.

Emergency contact details can be found of the second page of your lease agreement.

Electrical Repairs:electrical  Metalec

0414 223 339 Tom Metzner


Energy Australia 131 535



emergency-plumbing-servicesPlumbing Repairs: Barrett Plumbing Services

0401 951 833  Brad Barrett





broken-glassGlass Repairs: East Coast Glass & Glazing

0425 305 282 Tim Stewart





feature1Locksmith: J & D Locksmiths

0433 457 900 Julian





header-homeOther Repairs: A-Line Building Service

0412 282 247 Ofir Marco






Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, providing protection for both you and the Landlord.  You can terminate the Residential Tenancy Agreement in the following ways:

  •  If you intend to vacate at the end of your fixed term of your Residential Tenancy Agreement lease, you are required to give fourteen (14) days written notice
  •  If you intend to remain once the fixed term of your Residential Tenancy Agreement lease expires, you are at liberty to continue living at the property on a holding over basis. However, when you intend to vacate, written notice to that effect must be received by our office at least twenty-one (21) days prior the vacating date

There may present some unavoidable circumstance, where you have no option but to vacate prior to the expiration of your Residential Tenancy Agreement.  If this situation arises, immediately contact the Laing + Simmons Property Manager, who will try and sublet to another suitable tenant.  However, you will still be responsible for the rent until another suitable tenant is found, as well as the payment of a letting fee, an Agreement preparation fee and all advertising costs.

Please ensure that any other occupants of the property read this information sheet.


Vacating the property

 Final Bond inspections cannot be carried out until ALL belongings have been removed and keys (ALL KEYS) returned.  Considerable time and unnecessary problems in returning your bond will be prevented by the following procedures: –


CARPETS/FLOORS: Carpets to be professionally cleaned.  All other floors to be mopped and left streak-free.

WALLS/DOORS: To be cleaned of all marks.

KITCHEN: All cupboards, shelves, drawers and benches to be cleaned inside and outside.  Stove, griller, oven and exhaust fans to be thoroughly cleaned of all residues.

BATHROOM: To be thoroughly cleaned with all mould and soap scum removed from tiles and grouting.  Ceiling mould must also be removed.  Toilets to be cleaned and the bathroom floors to be mopped.

CURTAINS/BLINDS: Clean venetian blinds and curtains.  Any curtains, which have been taken down during your tenancy, must be CLEAN and PRESSED then re-hung.

WINDOWS/SILLS: Windows and sills to be cleaned inside and outside where possible.

GARBAGE: All garbage, bottles and rubbish to be removed from the premises.  The Bond cannot be refunded if rubbish is left out waiting for collection.

GARAGE/ STOREROOM: The garage/storeroom and/or car space to be swept, cobwebs and grease marks removed.

LAWNS/GARDENS: Lawns are to be mowed, edges trimmed, & gardens must be weeded (this applies to townhouses and houses).

INCLUSIONS: Any furniture, curtains or other items included with the property MUST be returned to their original position.


Just a Reminder

Ensure that our office has your new address and phone number

You pay your rent until the vacating date by bank cheque or electronic funds transfer

Return ALL KEYS to this office including letterbox keys

Arrange disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas supply

Re-direct all mail at the Post Office to your new address